The Maldives Takes Top Spot As Top Island Destination

by    DiveSSI    25th August 2015
Maldives - the leading choice of (scuba)travellers - (c) perly22, Archiv Taucher.Net

Dive Destinations Are Top Spots For Travellers

Mallorca has always been known as a favourite holiday island destination in Europe. However, according to an online survey conducted by online booking portal, the top destination is actually The Maldives.

Yes, it turns out that the island paradise in the Indian Ocean is the leading choice in a list of the top ten most beautiful islands in 2015.
This was followed by Hawaii and the islands in the Thailand archipelago (like Koh Samui) respectively. In fourth place is  Mallorca, the Balearic Island in the Mediterranean.

Two other European islands – Crete and Gran Canaria – take the eighth and tenth place respectively.

Here is the complete list:

Favourite Islands in the World in 2015 (as voted by 1,000 persons)
1. The Maldives (9)
2. Hawaii (7%)
3. Islands in the archipelago of Thailand; for example, Koh Samui (5%)
4. Mallorca (4%)
5. Seychelles (4%)
6. Dominican Republic (4%)
7. Mauritius (3%)
8. Crete & Bali (3%)
9. Barbados & Cuba (3%)
10. Gran Canaria (2%)

Hmm... With almost all the top ten islands being “real” dive destinations, one wonders if the respondents were all scuba divers...

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25th August 2015
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