SSI Professional Cashback and Pro Rewards

SSI Pro Rewards Accelerated Pro Rewards Have you been thinking about becoming an SSI Professional? If so, you can now take advantage of the new SSI Professional Cashback program which includes our SSI Pro Rewards. We understand that becoming a professional is an investment in time and money. The SSI Cashback program is a way for SSI to say thank you for becoming a SSI Professional as well as help you reclaim some of your investment. Requirements: Starting January 1, 2019, all SSI Professionals who earn the SSI Open Water Instructor rating, or who have crossed over to at least the SSI Open Water Instructor level from another agency will receive 5 times Pro Reward points for:
  • All SSI certifications that they issue in their first 12 months as a new SSI instructor.
  • Like all Pro Reward points, these bonus points will be credited inyour account at the end of each month.
  • Existing SSI instructors returning from inactive to active status are not eligible for this promotion.
How do Pro Rewards work? You earn Pro Rewards for every certification issued or for any additional qualification you earn. Each Pro Rewards is worth €/USD 0.10 or the equivalent amount in other currencies, e.g. –for every Open Water Diver you earn 4 Rewards equaling €/USD 0.40. For an individual specialty you earn 2 Rewards worth €/USD 0.20, and so on. Rewards are collected throughout the calendar year from January 1, however, the amounts earned must be spent during the year, or no later than January 31 of the following year with your Renewal. If the Renewal for the following year is performed during November or December, the Pro Rewards earned in the remainder of the year carry over to the next year. If the Rewards are used during the year for Digital SSI Pro Kit purchases, any remaining Pro Rewards during the year will be automatically redeemed during Renewal – so you never lose anything! The Rewards can only be used for online payments for digital products to SSI, not for payments made to your Service Center. All SSI Professionals earn Pro Rewards whenever they issue certifications. More INformation about our Professional programs you can find here.