SSI Introduces Non-Binary Gender Option in MySSI

by    DiveSSI    30th June 2021
SSI Introduces the Non-Binary Gender Option in the MySSI System

After repeated inquiries from SSI Centers and Professionals around the globe, asking for a third gender option within the MySSI system, you can now choose a non-binary gender option when creating a MySSI profile.

You asked, we listened - Introducing SSI's non-binary gender option.

As of now, you may choose male, female, or non-binary as a gender option when setting up your MySSI profile. If you wish to edit your current MySSI profile to the non-binary option, please send a written request to SSI Headquarters at

SSI is very excited to include non-binary as a gender option. An organization that is constantly asking how to better improve itself is an organization poised for growth.  SSI strives to be an inclusive, adaptable, and welcoming family of divers who listens to its members and responds accordingly.

By adding this third gender option, we are opening the door to allow our divers to express themselves as accurately as possible.

“Constant innovation has driven SSI over the last 50 years, leading to the fact that SSI is the fastest growing training agency today. We have always listened to the suggestions of our members, Centers and Pros, and provided what they need to be more successful.

The call to introduce a third gender option became louder within recent years. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we have now implemented this into our system so every individual can feel home at SSI,” states Guido Waetzig, SSI CEO.


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30th June 2021
Michael Riley on Aug 15th 2021
I agree it is ridiculous man woman each taught the same!
David Barrow on Jul 17th 2021
Absolutely ridiculous.
Jason Brown on Jul 08th 2021
Congratulations SSI on being so forward thinking, open to recognising diversity and creating a more inclusive industry. Ron's comments about there being just two genders demonstrates exactly why the industry needs this - it also demonstrates perfectly why SSI doesn't need people like this crossing over. Keep up the great work. I for one think what you have done is wonderful!
Ron Limbock on Jul 07th 2021
Been a PADI Instructor for 14 years. Have been considering crossing over to teach more. You just stopped me from even considering that. There are two genders and they are all taught the same.
Jérôme foulkn on Jul 07th 2021
You seriously don't have anything better to do?

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