SSI contributes $3.5 Million Dollars in Free Digital Kits to support their Training Centers

by    DiveSSI    30th June 2020
SSI Contributes $3.5 Million Dollars in Free Digital Kits to support Training Centers

SSI contributes $3.5 million dollars in free Digital Kits to support Training Centers survive COVID-19 through their No Water, No Problem campaign.

For more than 50 years, SSI has partnered with its Training Centers and Professionals to weather many storms. Each time, the SSI Network emerges stronger and more resilient due to a unique sense of team spirit and connectedness, based on SSI’s commitment to supporting its customer base.

To assist its Training Centers and Professionals in response to the COVID situation, SSI implemented the No Water, No Problem campaign in April. Met with overwhelming success, this promotion generated over 50,000 program registrations, translating $3.5 million in free Digital Kits to support SSI Training Centers, Resorts, and Professionals worldwide. Even though customers could not visit Training Centers or travel during this time, the No Water, No Problem promotion started with free Science of Diving Digital Kit and Certification to incentivize customers to stay connected to their Training Centers.

SSI continues to support its Training Centers and Professionals with the highest quality training, retail, and marketing resources in the industry. During the challenging time of store shut-downs and “stay-at-home” orders, SSI held hundreds of webinars worldwide, teaching Training Centers and Professionals how to utilize Virtual Classrooms to keep customers actively engaged. In parallel, SSI acted quickly to implement Online Exams for all DRY Specialty Programs to enable customers to complete their certifications by taking final exams without leaving the comfort and safety of their home. Despite global uncertainty, SSI remains your partner in business!

Now that our SSI Training Centers are finally re-opening and diving is once again becoming accessible, we want to help plan your next trip:

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30th June 2020
admin on Jul 29th 2020
Hello, thanks so much for your feedback!
Don A on Jul 29th 2020
Thank you for helping us keep our business afloat and our customers interested in Scuba. This is one of our most successful years. We have what it takes. Thanks to Mares. and SSI. USA Don Abel RU4SCUBA NY USA

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