Russian treasure ship found in front of Korea

by    DiveSSI    17th July 2018
The Russian battleship Dmitri Donskoi
A small sub is beeing prepared to examine the radar echo in 434m depth Screenshot
A 8mm gun (c) Screenshot
The wheel of Dmitry Donskoy (c) Screenshot
The discovered lettering of Donskoi (c) Screenshot

The wreck is believed to be worth over $ 133 billion worth of gold

As reported by The Korea Times, a Russian battleship was found: the ship sunk 113 years ago in the waters off the South Korean island Ulleung. Allegedly, the Dmitri Donskoi had tons of gold coins and bars on board

The rusty hull of "Dmitri Donskoi" was discovered in one kilometre distance from the island in a depth of 434 meters, by the South Korean company Shinil Group, which has been searching for the wreck for years.

Form and details of the vessel were confirmed as "identical to the 'Dmitri Donskoi', according to the company. Explorer teams of the Shinil Group have inspected the wreck with two manned submarines.

At the time of the discovery, the bow of the ship was at 430 meters, the stern at 380 meters.

"The hull was badly damaged by shelling, the stern is almost broken, and yet the ship's deck and sides are well preserved," the company said.

The Russian Navy is said to have used the battleship during the war between Russia and Japan in the early 1900s. It sank in 1905.

Rumors say that the ship sank with 5,500 boxes of gold coins and bars on board, which would now be worth about $ 133.4 billion. It is unknown if the precious metal is in the wreckage.

"We are working to lift the wreck and we will also clarify legal issues regarding ownership of the wreckage," said a Shinil Group employee.


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17th July 2018

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