REEFCALENDAR: Vienna as center for “THE SHOW” for the oceans

by    DiveSSI    3rd August 2018
Picture of the World Record in 2017 (c)
Making of ... World Record in 2017 (c)
Making of ... World Record in 2017 (c)
Making of ... World Record in 2017 (c)
BodyPainting for Reefcalendar (c)

Mega Event in the “Messe Wien” - Body Painting Event for the oceans!

It is 5 to 12 and more than ever the oceans and our lakes need our support. Almost every day, by social media channels, images and reports of our earth reach us, making us all shudder and sad.

The non-profit organization REEFCALENDAR likes to draw attention to this tragedy and the environmental disaster in the world's oceans and virtually all waters of our world and raise awareness. A good reason to support REEFCALENDAR!

For the 2018 project, more than 300 volunteers will be body-painted on-site to make Vienna the worlds center for “THE SHOW” for the seas and to produce the new cover of the REEFCALENDAR 2019. Last year REEFCALENDAR could crack with the largest body painting picture of world records.

Together with singers and dancers, the largest 3D bodypainting in the world is brought to life! With REEFCALENDAR - THE SHOW - Vienna will be the show for the seas on Saturday the 11th of August 2018. The registration for REEFCALENDAR – THE SHOW has begun!

Many volunteers have already registered! However, a few are still needed to be able to implement the show! Please have a look at the participants page.

- No model measurements are necessary!
- Neither singing nor acting experience or performance education is necessary!
- Everyone who has reached the age of 18 can participate!
- Registration at
- All between 14 and 18 years of age can also participate, but Reefcalendar requires the consent of the parents or a guardian. This person has to accompany the kid and must be prepared to also be body-painted.
- All children under the age of 14 may also join in if patience is sufficient to allow them to be painted and follow instructions during the final photo or during The Show. Here, a guardian MUST be present and must be prepared to also be body-painted.
- Please remember: white underwear is required… Colorful underwear with or without patterns will complicate the work of painting very much - please pay attention to this issue.
- The cooperation partner of REEFCALENDAR, the Le Méridien Vienna, offers participants from far away a special special prize, more information at
- The login page is available in 5 languages! The responsible persons look forward to many international guests!

Project REEFCALENDAR - A calendar encouraging to reflect the situation of the oceans

With the project REEFCALENDAR, the Austrian non-profit organization (with the same name) would like to draw attention to the tragedy of the oceans and the critical condition of coral reefs - in times when tourism and industry relentlessly deal with our natural resources.

The sea is not only one of the most important oxygen donors, it also houses a unbelievable variety of life. With the REEFCALENDAR, 12 international top photographers show the beauty of the maritime habitat, but also the impact of mass tourism and industry on this natural habitat.

Proceeds and donations to preserve the maritime ecosystem

In the first year (2016), all incoming money was used to support the construction of an artificial coral reef in the Maldives. In 2018, with the proceeds of the calendar sales and donations following the world-record in body-painting in 2017, an artificial reef was built on the Philippine island of Negros, whose natural reef was almost completely destroyed. The first REEFVILLAGE, consisting of a block of single coral baskets, now offers corals and marine life new habitat. More REEFVILLAGES are already being planned in affected regions and around the world. Details on REEFVILLAGE at

Join the project:

WHEN: Saturday, August 11th 2018
WHERE: Messe Wien (Vienna, Austria)

APPLICATION: reefcalendar-the_show

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