Underwater drone that allows remote filming in the works

Welcome to the world of hands-free underwater filming, in the form of an autonomous, wireless underwater drone camera called iBubble. Currently being developed in France, it would manoeuvre under its own power – all the while filming continuously – so all the diver has to do is to enjoy the underwater scenery. Conceptualised by Kevin Delfour and technology enthusiast Xavier Spengler, the idea for the iBubble resulted from their quest to produce high-definition underwater video footage with minimal effort and equipment during their dives. To get the required funding for their new company, they turned to Startup Maker to create the product. (Startup Maker is the French startup studio behind Hexo+, the follow drone that raised $1.3M last year on Kickstarter)" They even managed to rope in French freediver and filmmaker Guillaume Néry into the project, and he is now the company's product ambassador. The iBubble would allow divers to swim free of heavy video equipment. Throughout the entire dive, the diver would not even need to touch or carry the iBubble at all. In an animated YouTube video showing the iBubble in action, the camera is controlled wirelessly via a special bracelet. Commands instruct the camera to follow the diver, to do a 360° selfie of the diver, to zoom in or out, and also to adopt specific filming modes. Indeed, the camera's intelligent software ensures that the footage is always in focus - a nice touch for those divers who would now find themselves in the spotlight. And, apart from the oh-so-popular selfie function, the iBubble can be an interesting supplement, especially during dive training; it can be used to film one’s movements underwater in order to observe and perfecting one’s skills – without having to ask another diver to help in the filming. More info about: http://ibubble.camera/