Scientists support climate movement "Fridays for Future"

Scientists4future : Joint statement signed by over 12,000 scientists up to now

In a joint statement, more than 12,000 scientists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland support the climate movement "Fridays for Future". On Friday, March 15, 2019, a list of supporting researchers will be handed over to environmental activists.

During class, students around the world are demonstrating for a better climate protection every Friday. "Young people rightly demand that our society focus on sustainability without further hesitation, and without profound and consistent change; their future is in danger," the statement said. Above all, politicians are responsible for promptly creating the necessary framework conditions. In particular, climate-friendly and sustainable action must become simple and cost-effective, climate-damaging action, however, unattractive and expensive.

Among the signatories is the director of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Antje Boetius, and deputy director Karen Wiltshire.  Tuesday she spoke at a federal press conference about the published opinion - about the importance of the seas and she also pointed out that the effects of climate change are the first to be felt at and near the coastal areas. "In a few decades, 70 percent of people will live in coastal areas, so many issues of the future are closely linked to sea-level rise, and it is absolutely legitimate, even necessary, for young people today to shout loud and go to the streets for climate policy, because there is no far-reaching change up to now and we adults are putting their future at risk," says Karen Wiltshire.

Antje Boetius says: "Young people have the right to loudly and visibly demonstrate their concerns about climate change, nature and biodiversity, and to demand swift action, and when I listen to them, I think they are very attentive in school, because they can understand - even better than many adults – the problems arising for us all."

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