Plans for underwater tennis courts off coast of Dubai

Anyone for underwater tennis? This unusual concept may indeed become a reality one day, specifically in the Persian Gulf, offshore near the Burj al Arab hotel and the man-made Palm Jumeirah Islands. The plans have been developed by Polish architect Krysztof Kotala from 8 + 8 Concept Studio. The complex will be partially buried in the seabed, with the centre of the huge complex comprising a lobby and hall, and seven underwater sports arenas. Spectators within the structure would have a breathtaking view of the underwater world. Located close to the surface, the tennis courts will be covered with curved glass panes measuring at least 30 metres by 30 metres. This will be a major challenge, as the gigantic glass roofs could have to withstand tremendous pressure. As futuristic as the images look, would this vision ever be implemented? And if so, how would the tennis pros ever be able to concentrate on their game with the underwater action taking place just outside the glass panels? And for those divers who happen by during a professional match, would they be charged for catching a glimpse of the match?