Ocean Film Tour Volume 3

Back on its third voyage, the International Ocean Film Tour sets sail this March with the year's best documentaries about ocean adventures and the environment in the spotlight on the big screen. A treat for all water-sports and travel enthusiasts, the Tour will open with its official premiere in Hamburg on 16 March 2016, before touring through ten European countries and about 90 cities. The film programme is about two hours, featuring about seven to nine short films and documentaries about the oceans and environmental protection. Among the films is The Edge, which tells the story of two men who grew up being fascinated by sharks. They learnt to scuba-dive so that they could get close to sharks. Then, they started filming documentaries so as to share the power and majesty of sharks, and to draw attention to the problem of overfishing. This film features the shark species that are under threat, and the important role they play in the ocean's ecosystem. Information, programmes and tour dates. Video