SSI Decompression Diving – All You Need To Know

by    DiveSSI    14th April 2021
The new SSI program Decompression Diving

SSI launches a new Decompression Diving Specialty for recreational divers to get a taste of what decompression diving is like, without having to go entirely technical.


SSI continues to invest in its Training Centers by frequently adding exciting new training opportunities for all levels of SSI divers. Today, we are excited to announce the latest addition to our Recreational Diving programs, the NEW SSI Decompression Diving Specialty.

This innovative new specialty bridges the gap between recreational diving and SSI Extended Range (XR) programs. It is the perfect opportunity for recreational divers to try more advanced diving without having to commit to going entirely technical right off the bat.


What makes the SSI Decompression Diving specialty so good?

Often, the difference between recreational equipment and a more technical set-up seems intimidating and overwhelming to the standard dive customer. However, the new Decompression Diving Specialty is the perfect way to slowly introduce divers to the excitement and adventure offered by the Extended Range (XR) programs.


What will you learn in this Decompression Diving specialty?

This specialty provides all of the training you need to independently plan and conduct decompression dives, using either traditional recreational equipment or by being introduced to using a sidemount system.

  • You will dive to a maximum depth of 40 meters, with a maximum accumulated decompression time of 15 minutes.

As the program is a recreational specialty, it will adhere closely to recreational training standards and procedures.

Go Further Than Ever - SSI Extended Range Programs.

Our Extended Range programs provide all the training you need to experience the excitement of cave diving, the thrill of exploring deep reefs and wrecks, and to enjoy extended bottom times. You will go deeper and further than ever before with these programs and take your dive skills to the next level.

Browse our Extended Range programs to find out more and start learning online today!



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14th April 2021
DiveSSI on May 28th 2021
Hello Warwick, check out our center locator, where you can search a center in your area that offers the decompression diving program. Just filter for 'recreational scuba diving' and 'decompression diving' and then you should find a center in your area: You can also contact your local service center that is responsible for your area: thanks!
Warwick on May 27th 2021
Which centres provide this course?
DiveSSI on May 04th 2021
Hello Xavi, get more info about our new program here: or contact your next SSI Training Center, that you can find via our center locator:
Xavi on May 03rd 2021
Awaiting for course preview!!
DiveSSI on Apr 28th 2021
Hallo Robert, bitte wende dich an dein angeschlossenes Training Center oder ein anderes, das du hier finden kannst: oder kontaktiere dein Service Center vor Ort:
Robert Bruderer on Apr 27th 2021
Ich Intresiere mich für das Dckompressions .Tauchen
DiveSSI on Apr 26th 2021
Hello Xavi, yes we are! The landing page for decompression diving is in progress and coming soon.
Xavi on Apr 23rd 2021
Are you going to update the web to add more information about Decompression Diving program like the others programs?
DiveSSI on Apr 21st 2021
Bonjour, please contact your next SSI Training Center in your area for more detailed information. Please find it via the center locator:
eric on Apr 20th 2021
bonjour, cela semble intéressant, mais quels sont les prérequis pour cette spécialité ? merci
DiveSSI on Apr 20th 2021
Hello Sthembiso, please contact your affiliated Training Center or find your next SSI Training Center via our center locator: If you need further help, please contact your local service center, here are the contact details:
Sthembiso on Apr 19th 2021
I love to take the program.
DiveSSI on Apr 19th 2021
Hello Rudolf, please contact your SSI Training Center in your area to find out if they offer it. Find your next SSI Training Center in your area here:
rudolf on Apr 17th 2021
I want to try program decompresion diving.
Samuel Brueckmann on Apr 16th 2021
No divecenter will let you do this. It is the same with the independent diver. What is it good for if it is allowed nowhere?

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