Launch of Manta & Ray Ecology

by    DiveSSI    3rd March 2020
Launch of Manta & Ray Ecology
Certification Card of Manta & Ray Ecology

SSI has launched a new ecology program – Manta & Ray Ecology. Like all SSI Ecology programs, Manta & Ray Ecology is ideal for anyone that wants to learn more about these unique fish.

When you think of a ray, what image comes to mind? Is it a southern stingray lurking beneath the pearl white sand, or a majestic spotted eagle ray hovering over a large coral block? Perhaps it’s the grandfather of them all, the giant manta ray, which can measure six meters from fin tip to fin tip and glides through the open ocean like an owl cutting through the silence of an evening chill.

In this program, you’ll explore what makes a ray a ray, distinguish how they differ from sharks, locate where they live, discover what they eat, and learn how to identify one ray from the next.

The minimum age to participate is six (6) years old and ten (10) years old if they are going to participate in the optional scuba training dives.


SSI Ecology Programs

Education and training are the first steps in protecting the oceans. SSI offers a variety of ecology programs including Marine Ecology, Shark Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology, Fish Identification, Coral Identification and Manta & Ray Ecology. These programs educate our customers about marine ecosystems and the various sea creatures that inhabit them. These programs are intended to educate and teach students how to behave underwater and around individual animals.

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3rd March 2020
admin on Mar 13th 2020
Hello, sea turtle ecology is available, the manta ray ecology program is so far only available in the app or go to your SSI Training Center and ask them to active the courses for you.
S. Jones on Mar 12th 2020
Everywhere I look, they say stingray ecology was available on 3-3-20. called my dive shop and they said it wasn't. so when will it be? also when will sea turtle ecology be available? been waiting almost a year. why so much lag on when SSI says its available and my dive shop says its available?
admin on Mar 12th 2020
You can go to your next SSI Training Center and ask them to activate this course for you.
Robin on Mar 12th 2020
There is no information on how or where to take this course.

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