Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Cleaning project starts

by    DiveSSI    22nd October 2018
The "System 001" during the test-weeks in September 2018, photo: © The Ocean Cleanup
The cleaning system has arrived on site in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Photo: © The Ocean Cleanup
First Tow Test of the complete system a month ago, Photo: © The Ocean Cleanup
TOC (The Ocean Cleanup) System on the way to the first test, Photo: © The Ocean Cleanup
Ready to go after final tests, Photo: © The Ocean Cleanup

Cleaning system takes up work

In the beginning of October 2018, the "System 001" of “The Ocean Cleanup” system started its final leg on its journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Now it has reached the planned location and is ready to go. The cleaning has officially started

The cleaning system ("System 001") has started its journey from San Francisco on September 8th, 2018 for a two-week test to a site 240 nautical miles off the coast before continuing its journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - we reported.

After the first test run in the eastern Pacific, which lasted 14 days, the "System 001" was towed for more than 850 kilometres to its current place. On October 16th, 2018, after several days of really bad weather, it reached its intended destination in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The same day the system deployed again to its operational configuration – the working-shape (from the longish travel shape): a big “U” - with a total length of 600 meters - and began its work.

The operators of the The Ocean Cleanup system, are now very excited to see how the system operates in real conditions. Is it really driven by wind and waves? Is it turning fast enough? Can it maintain its U shape? Can it really collect enough plastic waste? Will the system defy the harsh weather and the corrosive environment of the ocean? We will report further about the practical experiences of “The Ocean Cleanup System”.

More information about the project:

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22nd October 2018
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