German Ocean Foundation and Prince Albert II Foundation to be involved in boot 2017

by    DiveSSI    6th January 2017
Prince Albert II of Monaco
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Healthy Coral Reef (c) Dominik Vögtli

Prince Albert II of Monaco is Keynote Speaker at symposium

The protection of the world's oceans is an international concern. Thus, it is a theme in successful Hollywood movies like Finding Dory (the sequel to Finding Nemo), enabling the important message to reach billions of people worldwide.

Being the world's most important water sports fair, boot 2017 will be held from January 21st to 29th.  It is the platform where the German Ocean Foundation and Prince Albert II of Monaco present their commitment to the sustainable development of  international waters.

“Healthy seas and oceans are the basis for all life on our earth and thus for water sports enthusiasts too. At boot, we aim to bring the business and scientific communities together with society in general, so that they can all present their proposals for sustainable interaction with our environment,” said boot Director Petros Michelidakis.

German Ocean Foundation and Prince Albert II Foundation work together for marine protection

For many years, Prince Albert II of Monaco has been actively involved in ocean protection.

With his foundation, he initiates and finances projects that promotes environmental protection and sustainable development. It is internationally active and mobilises citizens, politicians, scientists and conservationists to preserve the common heritage of mankind.

The German Ocean Foundation is also responsible for meeting the challenges set by the Global Ocean Foundation, by successfully operating the  research and media ship Aldebaran since 1992.

"Love your ocean" room where visitors can interact and play

At boot, there will be a Love Your Ocean stand, where visitors can get information about the ocean and water conservation.

Here, they can also find out about opportunities in which they can participate in and experience the research projects themselves. It is organised by the German Ocean Foundation in cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf.

“The aim of our stand is to encourage water sports enhusiasts to be pioneers and ambassadors for healthy oceans and waterways and, as a result, to strengthen support for sustainable ideas in the water sports community as well,” said Frank Schweikert, Director of the German Ocean Foundation.

A main attaction of the stand must be the 20-metre long replica of the sperm whale to highlight the importance of recycling.

An area of 350 square metres at the booth will be devoted to sustainable interactive projects, alongside an informative programme on the Water Pixel World stage.

In addition, visitors can also take part in the following activities:

- At the Research Cockpit, they can search for plastic particles in water and test samples from different bodies of water in the laboratory.
- At the Recycle Workshop, children and teenagers can learn to make attractive bags and pendants from old sails. Organised by sailmakers and several environmental organisations, the workshop will give tips on getting started with the new trend of upcycling seemingly worthless items.
- Listening to ocean sounds can be a fascinating treat for one's senses. The “Sounds of the Sea” display, by the Cousteau Society, will be set up in the skull of a sperm whale. It attempts to bring the subject of ocean noise to life. Visitors can use headphones and Xounts loudspeakers with an oceanic design to experience the world of underwater sound.

Ocean symposium

The above activities will culminate in the Ocean Symposium, to be held in the Congress Center Düsseldorf (CCD.Süd) on January 24th.

Under the umbrella of the German Ocean Foundation, the Prince Albert II Foundation, as well as business, science and water sports federations, the event will cover sustainable boat manufacturing and innovative marine propulsion solutions that are environmentally sound.

Prince Albert II of Monaco will be the keynote speaker of the symposium.

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6th January 2017
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