Freediving allows divers to be one with the sea

by    DiveSSI    3rd November 2017

Euro-Divers to offer freediving from 2018

Divers can enter the water either in full gear or without any gear, and be armed with just a single breath, mask, fins and snorkel. In addition to scuba diving, many divers also freedive. Usually, this is done during a snorkelling trip at shallow coral banks or rocky coves where there is something to be discovered. However, this is just like a try-dive, and is not what freediving is all about.

The sport of freediving has seen a rapid development in recent years, attracting more and more scuba divers. In addition to the competitive aspect of it, freediving is also a sport that is fun, easy to learn and allows one to foster a close relationship with the sea. This is because unlike scuba diving, there is no heavy equipment limiting your movements, and once you have mastered the right technique, you will feel as if you are one with the sea as you glide weightlessly through the waters.

More and more divers are fascinated by this unique sport, sparking off a trend and leading to its tremendous development and increasing popularity. To cater to this trend, Euro-Divers will offer SSI freediving courses and week-long freediving training at selected locations in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Maldives from 2018 onwards.

In collaboration with Premium Freedive - a company from Switzerland, Euro-Divers has successfully started a freediving programme in Cala Joncols on the Spanish Costa Brava. Here, in addition to introductory courses (which are conducted with great success), more ambitious freedivers can attend seminars that last several days, conducted by multiple Spanish world champion Miguel Lozano, among others.

Combined apnea and yoga classes

Freediving is not a purely technical matter, requiring just the right diving technique, coordination of movement underwater and the right equipment. It also demands concentration, and a focus on the body and body dynamics. Because of this, the Cala Joncóls Euro-Divers team, together with Martine Desitter and Jan Boelen, is also offering combined apnea and yoga classes this year, which have left a great deal of resonance among newcomers.

In the morning, before the first dive, an extended yoga session is conducted on the beach, during which the group is instructed to focus, calm down, and try to achieve something of a balance between body and mind. It is almost as if one is already in the waters freediving.

Likewise, extensive breathing exercises are also part of this course, as proper breathing plays a key role in freediving. This at the same time leads to the goal: to find a better balance, a better coordination underwater and thus to be able to stay underwater longer.

Equally important is training the consciousness to enjoy it - without losing oneself amidst the enjoyment; after all, there are dangers underwater that must be acknowledged and understood.

Indeed, freediving is an exciting subject, something much more than just snorkelling along the coast!

From 2018 onwards, participating Euro-Divers dive centres will offer SSI free-diving training at all levels (from beginner to professional), as well as relaxing week-long freediving training with pranayama yoga and lots of fun in the water. The experts from the dive centres will train, coach and guide the guests intensively, so one can be guaranteed both fun and success. And, not forgetting the realisation that you can indulge in a new passion without having to quit or neglect another; scuba diving and free-diving are a perfect combination.

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3rd November 2017
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