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by    DiveSSI    16th February 2021
Marine Ecology Promotion - Digital Kit free of charge

Based on the fact that a lot of countries are either once again locked down or you cannot get in the water right now, promoting SSI’s "Dry Specialties" is more important than ever to keep customers engaged and business moving.  The beauty of these programs is they do not require being face to face or in-water training and can easily be taught using Webinar Jam, Skype, Zoom, or any other webinar tool. Programs like Science of Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox 32 and all six Ecology programs, like Marine Ecology, are the perfect mix for preparing customers for their next adventure.

Last spring, we launched the Free Science of Diving campaign that resulted in registering over 50,000 Free Kits worldwide and funding more than $3.5 million in retail value.  Now, we are doing it again! Starting now, through March 31, 2021, we are giving you the opportunity to register yourselfs for the Marine Ecology Digital Kit and Certification free of charge.

The SSI Marine Ecology program explores the complex and multi-layered web of life found within the ocean’s various ecosystems.  Students learn how organisms interact with each other and their environment, how energy flows through communities, the links between different ocean ecosystems and how humans play a vital role in the ocean's ever-changing biology.

Find out more about the promotion here.

Do you need information about the Marine Ecology program? Please click here.

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16th February 2021
DiveSSI on Apr 26th 2021
Thanks for your feedback, that is really great to hear!
Robert Hartman on Apr 25th 2021
I recently completed the course Marine Ecology and am waiting for the center to certify it. it was a very informative course and i enjoyed it very much. i will look for other similar courses.
DiveSSI on Apr 14th 2021
Hello Charles, only the registration for the digital kit was free. For the certification your Training Center is allowed to charge a fee.
Charles on Apr 13th 2021
My SSI training centre has charged me money to certify my Free Marine Ecology speciality, this seems to contradict the advertised statement that registration for the Marine Ecology Digital Kit and Certification is free of charge. What is my training centre entitled to?
Laurent Carmona on Mar 20th 2021
MOHAMMAD ALAZMI on Mar 11th 2021
JAMES GROSE on Feb 25th 2021
Conservation is key to sustaining
Abdulrahman on Feb 22nd 2021
It's nice to make a good impression on the course❤️
Abdulrahman on Feb 22nd 2021
admin on Feb 22nd 2021
Hello Norah, please check out our landing page where you can register: When you have worked through the program and have answered all questions of the online exam correctly, please contact your Training Center to get certified.
admin on Feb 22nd 2021
Hallo Peter, wende dich bitte an dein Training Center um zertifiziert zu werden.
Gregory Asvestopoulos on Feb 21st 2021
Thank you
Norah Dotzauer on Feb 21st 2021
I am very interested in the Specialty Program. My Dive Center - Calypso Dive Centre Marsalforn told me I can register here and start the course directly. I will need your support because I cannot find the access to the program. Thank you in advance. Greetings, Norah
fatemeh on Feb 21st 2021
i love diving
Turgut Velettin on Feb 20th 2021
I did finish marine ecology course .20/02/2021 It’s a very educational course
Peter Leonhardt on Feb 19th 2021
Ich habe alle Wiederholungsfragen unf Exam-Fragen richtig beantwortet und erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Wo bzw wie geht es weiter Gruß Peter PETER LEONHARDTSSI Master ID: 2916094
Hosse on Feb 18th 2021
Thanks SSI, I like this form of classes🌺🙏
SALAH KHATTER on Feb 18th 2021
admin on Feb 18th 2021
Hello Kayley, please contact your next SSI Training Center when you have finished the course - they can certify it then for you.
admin on Feb 18th 2021
Hello Lori, please contact your SSI Training Center in your area. Check out our Center Locator to find the next one in your area: Thanks!
Lori Baker on Feb 18th 2021
I would like to take this class marine ecology free of charge
Kayley Jacobs on Feb 17th 2021
Signing up for free Marine Ecology Course
Carolyn Lyman on Feb 17th 2021
Looking forward to checking out the Marine Ecology class.
BO CHI TSAI on Feb 17th 2021
Chairawee on Feb 16th 2021
It's nice program.

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