WE WANT YOU – Sponsored Crossover Kit Promotion

by    DiveSSI    20th August 2020
SSI's We want you Crossover Promotion

SSI, the world’s largest professional dive business-based training agency, has launched the “We want you” promotion - a sponsored Professional Crossover Kit for all Scuba and Freediving Professionals.

SSI continues to add new Training Centers and Professionals by supporting them through virtual trainings, promotional ideas and product improvements.

One example of this support was the Free Science of Diving Campaign. The promotion was overwhelmingly successful with more than 50,000 registrations worldwide totaling more than 3.5 million in retail support. Now, SSI want to do the same thing by launching the WE WANT YOU Promotion globally with the following goals:

  • Acquire new Professionals to fix the permanent shortage of SSI Professionals for both SSI Training Centers in local and resort markets
  • Connect new SSI Professionals to the SSI Instructor Trainer Network to promote Specialty Instructor and Assistant Instructor Trainer training

Guido Waetzig, CEO SSI International GmbH, says: “The SSI Network is expanding so rapidly that the demand for Professionals exceeds supply. The WE WANT YOU Promotion is designed to compensate for this shortage, support business recovery and stimulate further international growth!”

How the WE WANT YOU Promotion will work:

  • Crossover Registration – Professionals can simply go to any SSI Training Center and register or register directly online (https://go.divessi.com/crossover) and SSI will issue the digital Crossover Kit.
  • Academic Training – Prior to attending the Virtual Crossover, all candidates are required to finish the Homestudy Crossover materials and take the Online Final Exam.  Once completed, either SSI will schedule the Virtual Academic and Skills Video Sessions and in-water training
  • In-Water Training – The In-Water Session will require a confined water session for a skills review to be performed by an Instructor Trainer. This session is either organized centrally by the Service Center.
  • Fees – For all active Professionals, SSI will sponsor the Digital Crossover Kit and fund all equivalent certifications. If professionals attend to the Virtual Academic and in-water training they have to pay a registration fee, which includes the Crossover Training, Physical Materials and Professional Renewal until the end of 2021.
  • Promotion Runtime – The sponsored Professional Crossover Kit will run from September 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021 with the mandatory In-Water Training sessions beginning October 15, 2020, onwards.
  • Note – Only Professionals from current RSTC Members and/or ISO Certified Training Agencies in ISO 24801-1 - Scuba Diver; ISO 24801-2 - Open Water Diver; ISO 24801-3 - Dive Guide; ISO 24802-1 - Assistant Instructor; ISO 24802-2 - Open Water Instructor; ISO 11107 - Enriched Air Nitrox ISO 11121 - Try Scuba Diving ISO 13293 are eligible for participation in this program without having to attend an Instructor Evaluation at additional charge.

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20th August 2020
admin on Nov 30th 2020
Hello Jose, please contact your local service center in Spain, they will help you! Please find the contact details here: https://my.divessi.com/myssi_sc_team/sc=711001
Hola buenos días, estoy en España Tenerife quiero realizar el Crossover de Instructor de Apnea nivel II, vengo de la Agencia CMAS, también soy Instructor de buceo DCSI SSI he hablado con el Centro SSI Apnea Canarias y me indican que debo hacer el registro del curso por SSI, pero no encuentro la forma por favor me podrían asesorar o indicar a alguien para comunicarme. Gracias.
Othmane on Nov 02nd 2020
Just contacted ssi in Taiwan they want to charge 600$ for the instructor trainer to do the pool session... But pricy for 2 hour pool session
Othmane on Nov 02nd 2020
Hello I would like to do the crossover to ssi but I cannot find a training center for pool session in Taiwan Any advice ? Thank you
admin on Sep 23rd 2020
Hi Jeremy, this is unfortunate to hear. You can also go to your next Training Center in your area for advice.
Jeremy Spencer on Sep 22nd 2020
Hi, I emailed over a week ago and have not heard back from you.
admin on Aug 26th 2020
Hello Gunter, please contact our customer support from the USA: https://my.divessi.com/myssi_sc_team/sc=800000 Thanks and have a nice day!
admin on Aug 26th 2020
Hello, yes of course you can! Please register on the website and you will receive further info via email. https://www.divessi.com/en-IC/highlights/free-professional-crossover/?no_cache=1
EFTHIMIS GKANTIS on Aug 26th 2020
Hello i am padi idc staff instructor can i crossover to the ssi idc staff instructor;
Gunter Bernert on Aug 25th 2020
Can you let me know how much that will be? If professionals attend to the Virtual Academic and in-water training they have to pay a registration fee, which includes the Crossover Training, Physical Materials and Professional Renewal until the end of 2021. How much in USD approximately ? Thanks
admin on Aug 25th 2020
Hello Umair, this crossover is only for dive professionals. So, this crossover is not for you as normal diver. Thanks and have a nice day!
Umair Kamil on Aug 25th 2020
I am advance open water diver. Am i eligible and truely i need more explaination what is the minimum requirement and after passing the minimum requiremwnt and conplete this training what benefit should I get?? How much fees for this cossover kit??
admin on Aug 24th 2020
Do you mean Master Diver or Dive Master? As Dive Master (Pro Status) you can register and do the crossover, as Master Diver this is only a status for usual divers.
Milan Drnozg on Aug 21st 2020
Is Master Diver specialty also eligible for this course?

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