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by    DiveSSI    26th February 2020
Choose the dives which you want to verify with the Universal QR Code Scanner
Choose the dives which you want to verify with the Universal QR Code Scanner
Use the Universal QR code Scanner to scan the QR code of your Training Center
Use the Universal QR code Scanner to scan the QR code of your Training Center

SSI is continually working to improve the MySSI app, expanding it with new helpful features. In the past, logged dives could only be verified individually with the QR code of a Training Center or dive professional. With the expansion of the Universal QR Code Scanner, it is now possible to verify multiple dives with just one scan.

How does the Expansion of the QR Code Scanner works?

  • In the app menu, click on the Universal QR Code Scanner in the lower-left corner
  • Scan the QR code of a Training Center or professional
  • Click on “Verify Dives”
  • A list of all unverified dives will appear. Choose all the dives you want to verify. The number of dives selected will show above.
  • To verify the dives, click on the button above “Verify X Dives”
  • A pop-up window confirms the verification
  • This new feature makes logging your dives easier, so you can go diving again sooner and experience new adventures. Have fun diving!

    The MySSI App

    The MySSI app puts everything you need to dive in the palm of your hand. It has a variety of features, including offline access to the Digital Learning materials, immersive 360° videos, Digital Dive Log, Digital Certifications and much more! Visit https://my.divessi.com/register or download the MySSI app. (available on iOS or Android)


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    26th February 2020
    DiveSSI on Sep 21st 2021
    Hello Patrick, you can write an email to your SSI Service Center with a proof of your PADI certifications. Our colleagues can add the certifications to your SSI account. Unfortunately we have no technical possibility to upload your extisting dive logs in our system. Do you have a buddy who use our app and can show you the QR codes of his/her logged dives. So you can "copy" them easily in your logbook.
    Patrick Meiger on Sep 11th 2021
    I cannot find the option to add my existing PADI certifications to MySSI so it can be recognized. Can you advise how that is done? Also is there an upload option? I have over 200 dives and I do not want to add them 1 by 1
    DiveSSI on Aug 16th 2021
    Hi Matt, yes that is possible. You can go to a local SSI Training Center and show the center your logged dives. After the center has checked all and everything was ok, the center can give you its QR code and you can confirm the dives. We accept the PADI certifications and you can add them to your profile. After you added the certication to your profile, you see it also in the MySSI app by "Cards" but not with an image (only the written data) because the copyright laws don't allow us to show images from other organisations.
    Matt on Aug 16th 2021
    Hi I would like to get my old dives verified from dive centers that are not affiliated with SSI. How can I do that? Also, is it possible to add certifications from PADI in SSI app? Would like to have all in one place. Thanks
    DiveSSI on Apr 26th 2021
    Hallo Mirko, wende dich am besten an dein angeschlossenes Training Center, die können dir deine Tauchgänge auch verifizieren.
    Mirko Scholz on Apr 23rd 2021
    Hallo, wenn ich den QR Code scannen möchte steht: Zugriff verweigert!! Wie kann ich da meine Tauchgänge verifizieren?? Bitte um Hilfe. Gruß Mirko
    admin on Apr 07th 2020
    Hello Gustavo, please contact your local service center https://www.divessi.com/de-IC/myssi/contact/ or our customer support at info@divessi.com - they will help you!
    Gustavo Guinter on Apr 03rd 2020
    Hola buenos dias hice varios buceos en Pto Madryn de Argentina y las opreradoras no me puden certifivar los buceos por que son genertalmente Padi, como gestiono ese tramite, quedo a la espera Muchas Gracias Gustavo
    admin on Mar 03rd 2020
    Hello Luciano, do you have a Professional certification or the Open Water Diver certification?
    Luciano on Mar 02nd 2020
    Hello, first congratulations on the content of the application. I am a diver accredited by PDIC, how do I do the equivalence for SSI?

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