Diving the Alien Ocean: Game “In Other Waters”

by    DiveSSI    7th April 2020
(Game)World through the eyes of the AI
(Game)World through the eyes of the AI
(Game)World through the eyes of the AI

Dive on Gliese 667Cc - unusual computer game

"In Other Waters" is set on an exoplanet completely covered by an ocean. As an artificial intelligence in the pressure suit of a researcher, you explore the flora and fauna of the underwater world and experience exciting stories.

The game world is located on the planet Gliese 667Cc. In the narrative fiction the whole planet is covered by a sea and in this sea the player finds himself - as an AI of (or in) a pressure suit of a xenobiologist; you explore the flora and fauna there and experience an exciting story.

Gliese 667 is 23 light years away from earth and was recently published in the world press when planets were detected in the system with 3 suns. The game developers have probably therefore chosen this system as the location of the event.

When you play "In Other Waters" you slip into a very special role... The main character, the astronaut and xenobiologist Dr. Ellery Vas, finds an artificial intelligence in a diving suit she puts on for her search mission. As a player you now act in the role of this artificial intelligence. The equipment available here is a scanner, various other instruments and most importantly - the general map of the world ocean. With its help we will guide Dr. Vas from one point to another within this completely unexplored ocean... her mission is primarily to search for a lost colleague who may have made a groundbreaking discovery.

World through the eyes of the AI

The game features a fairly straightforward interface consisting of buttons, knobs and a symbolic map of the world ocean. A complete alternative to many other games that try to represent a kind of reality as close as possible to reality; "In Other Waters" shows the world from the "eyes" of an AI and therefore very schematic. Surely a game that doesn't meet everyone's taste, but whoever gets involved and motivates his or her mind cinema to take part in the game will surely not be disappointed.

Ellery Vas evaluates every sample we find and can gradually compile information, theories and also sketches of the strange life forms. She also asks us various questions about it. Additionally speculation about what we (the AI) are for an extraordinary life form. All these thoughts, associations, questions and conclusions are well prepared and thus also offer extensive thinking material to people interested in biology (and AI).

The minimalistic graphics and the very detailed communication in English are certainly not everyone's cup of tea. The joy of abstraction, patience and the desire to dive into a strange world are the best prerequisites for many hours of fun on a dive in the Alien Ocean. From us a clear recommendation and perhaps a good pastime in these special times.

"In Other Waters", written and developed by Gareth Damian Martin, has been released on Fellow Traveller for Windows, Mac and Switch.



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7th April 2020
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