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Under water highlights are a number of wrecks and a sculpture park

The Caribbean Sea around Grenada offers just about everything that makes scuba diving so fascinating. And not just for professionals. Even for "average tourists" there is a lot to see while relaxing snorkelling on the water surface - and we are not just talking about fish ...

The colourful shimmering sea creatures are worth a visit, definitely - but Grenada has other phenomenal attractions in its turquoise-blue sea. On the one hand, there are a number of sunken ships that, after years in the deep, have mutated into artificial reefs and have become popular diving destinations. No fewer than 20 wrecks lie off the coasts of Grenada and Carriacous at varying depths.

The most famous is the former cruise ship "Bianca C" of the shipping company Costa. The 160 meter long cruiser caught fire on October 22, 1961 with 673 people on board in front of St. Georges. Fortunately, all passengers were rescued by locals. In memory of the disaster and in gratitude to the people, the cruise company erected a memorial stone on the harbour promenade "Carenage". Today, the "Titanic of the Caribbean" lies at a depth of around 50 meters (its superstructure can be reached after just 30 meters) and is one of the world's most renowned spots for experienced scuba divers.

The latest highlight is the "MV Anina", a 60-meter-long container ship that was built in the GDR. From 1970 on - under the name "MS Trinwillerhagen" – the container ship operated in the Baltic Sea with Rostock as home base. After the German reunification, the ship was taken out of service and brought to the Caribbean, where it was sunk on March 21, 2018 after proper cleaning. Now you can find the ship at a depth of 30 meters and it offers a top destination for advanced divers.

Underwater sculpture park: first of its kind in the world

But there are also a variety of dive sites that are ideal for beginners and snorkelers and also easy to reach. The mostly short trips to the areas are a big plus: as with the spot Anse La Roche in the north of Carriacou - a quiet reef with countless parrotfish, ideal for beginners of underwater sports. Often you will also find large rays here, which make their tracks.

In the middle of the Molere Beauséjour reserve, the spectacular underwater sculpture park is being set up on six square kilometres. It was founded in 2006 by the English sculptor Jason Taylor as the first of its kind in the world. More than 100 statues and sculptures now form a multitude of works of art, which gradually change their appearance through erosion and sediment deposition, while at the same time providing a home for corals and fish as an artificial reef.

Low water depths and the clear water make it possible to marvel at the works of art as a passenger aboard a glass-bottomed boat. The underwater treasures of Grenada open up even to those holidaymakers who do not want to approach them as divers or snorkelers.

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Detailed information on diving in Grenada can be found at puregrenada.com/explore/scuba-diving. Here you will find detailed information about the various dive sites as well as information and contact details of nine resident dive centres.

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