Body painting for the protection of the oceans

by    DiveSSI    28th August 2018
Reefcalendar 2019: Making of... (c)
Reefcalendar 2019: Making of... (c)
Reefcalendar 2019: Making of... (c)
Michael Szirota and Martin Aigner (c)
Reefcalendar 2019: The final picture (c)

"Reefcalendar - The Show" shows a living picture in record size

Together with professional singers and dancers, the largest 3D body painting picture in the world was brought to life in Vienna on August 11, 2018, supported by Michael Jackson's well-known "Earth Song". The organization Reefcalendar attracted more than 300 volunteers to Messe Wien, which were painted within eight hours by an international body painter team and positioned on an area of around 400 square meters.

After the photographer Martin Aigner had taken the final picture from a crane (a height of more than 10 meters) to get the perfect cover picture of the REEFCALENDARS 2019. The largest 3D body painting in the world was produced under the artistic direction of Julia Aigner (Julia Acts).

"It's about much more than only setting a new world record. It is important for us to sensitize but also to merge. Both ways are successful with ideas like these. Especially now that many of us have spent the holidays by the sea, we want to make people aware of how important the oceans are for us. Unfortunately, completely intact underwater worlds are barely existent. Problems caused by climate change, industry or tourism are massively increasing the seas", emphasize the two initiators of the action Michael Szirota and Martin Aigner.

On the bodies of the volunteers a colorful and intact underwater world was created, which changed during "Reefcalendar - The Show" and thus showed the malady in the seas.


In the new calendar, twelve top international photographers show the beauty of the maritime habitat, but also the impact of mass tourism and industry on this natural habitat.

The calendar will be presented at the end of September 2018 in Vienna. You can already reserve your personal copy via the website. The benefit of the project will benefit the Maritime Ecosystem. Last year, the organization created the first "REEFVILLAGE - an artificial coral reef" in the Philippines.

Proceeds and donations to preserve the maritime ecosystem

Beginning of 2018, with the earnings of the calendar sales and donations, an artificial reef was built on the Philippine island of Negros, whose natural reef was almost completely destroyed. The first REEFVILLAGE, consisting of a block of single coral baskets, now offers corals and marine life new habitat.

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