12th Symposium on diving medicine at Hannover Medical School (MHH), Hannover

by    DiveSSI    14th October 2016

Sharing knowledge to save lives

Diving accidents occasionally occur in the sport of scuba diving. With every new accident, questions are raised as to whether and how it could have been prevented, and whether the consequences could have been mitigated or avoided altogether with the provision of proper emergency care.

These important issues are the focus of the 12th Symposium on Diving Medicine on Saturday, October 29th at the Hannover Medical School.

This year, the symposium focuses on the emergency care of divers. Topics on emergency dive medicine and related subjects will be on the agenda. A stellar line-up of 16 speakers, mainly from the medical field, will share their insights on different aspects of dive medicine. They include Prof Dr Claus-Martin Muth, Thomas Sobotta, Dr Bernd Winkler, Sabine Hellmers, M.Sc. Psych. Dr Markus Flentje, Karsten Theiß and Dr Hansjörg Mühlen.

The series of lectures / programmes comprises:

- Emergency medical care in and on the water - Strategies to improve dive safety - Diving with diabetes mellitus
- Hyperbaric chamber treatment In addition to the lectures, seven workshops will be organised, dealing with oxygen treatment, medical examinations for divers, ear problems during holidays, provision of medical care and first aid in remote areas, etc.

There is also an exhibition showcasing dive-related products, as well as a service that provides information for your dive trip and information on emergency services.

The symposium is targeted not only at medical professionals, but also interested sports enthusiasts who want a deeper insight into dive medicine. The seminar takes place from 9am to 5pm. Registration is required for the symposium and workshop.

Online registration and further information available here

Seminar program, tentative schedule

Participation fee: Symposium only:35 Euros Symposium and workshop: 35 Euros + 25 Euros per workshop

Please note: As all the workshops start at the same time, participants can attend only one workshop each.

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14th October 2016
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